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have to prove themselves to the tribe before they could marry. and the greeks also mentioned it was the young girls who mostly did the hunting and went to battle. they were the reckless, tough young women, and then that the older women, owl though they had all the skills, only rode out in emergencies and seems the archaeological evidence that we do have seems to support that. the russian archaeologists and ukrainian archaeologists mention they feel that they have evidence that young girls were sort of the active duty soldiers, going out with boys or with other girls. they had that choice. and the ancient greeks say they either went out by. thes or grouped grouped of yound women, and the older women only fought if they chose to or if
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there was an emergency. the other interesting thing about archaeology, we find many of the warrior women, at least some of them, certain proportion of them, are buried with young children. so these were mothers who actually had been fighting. >> thank you. >> a couple of questions dealing with patriarchy. one, in such a up are culture of greek, what was the samson doll, and your photographs seemed to indicate that some amazon traditions survived, and i was wondering to what degree they did and how much they were overwhelmed by invading patriarchy. >> the first question about the amazon dolls, it is a very striking discovery, and it contradicts what maybe scholars
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have said about amazon, that amazons were invented by the greeks in order to be killed and that they were examples, negative examples, for greek girls and women, that you should not be like an amazon. look what will happen and yet, now we have evidence that young girls played with amazon dolls, and the other interesting thing that i didn't have time to mention, is that amazon images appear not just on pieces of pottery that were used we men but they -- used by men but appear with great regularity on women's perfume jars 0, on women's jewelry books, on things owned by women in ancient greece. it tells something about the private life of the greeks we don't really know. maybe a lot of ambivalence and fantasy going on. i don't know. but your second question about the survival of other traditions
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about warrior women in nongreek areas. i was very surprised at how much i was able to find. some stories come from the caucus or central asia and are oral extra tradition only written down or translated within the last hundred or 200 years. linguists say the languages and traditions were conservative because people are so isolated. so they give us a pretty good idea of the kind of stories that cithians told themselves. i hope that answers your question. thank you. applause.
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>> that was book tvs coverage of the science pavilion at the book festival. for nor information, visit us online at
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>> i was basically living alone, sleeping here and there. and just roaming the streets basically and sleeping at the bus station. and these people, they picked me
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up and they took me to this teenage shelter and give me soup and cocoa and conversation, and you know, you know, like you know now. one day in this process when we were doing the budget, you know, long meetings and all this thing and exhaustion, i was at the meeting where there was exactly, there was a woman being awarded for her work for troubled teenagers. and i as mayor handed her the


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